Titanic Suvival Analysis

1 minute read

Use the link below to view the Jupyter Notebook. If you have problem loading the entire notebook in the first link, please use the second one.

This is a practice for data science analysis. This is not yet finished but already has all the sections a project should have. I will be updating the jupyter notebook constantly.

The targats for this practice:

  • Take this excercise as a preparation for kaggle competitions
  • Hands-on experience to data analysis, cleaning and modeling
  • Review visual analytic skills (matplotlib and seaborn)
  • Use interactive ploting module: plotly (taking a Udemy course now)


  • Define the problem and understand the data
  • Data Cleaning
  • Feature Engineering
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Single Variable Analysis
    • Multiple Variable Analysis
    • Correlation Analysis
  • Model Selection
  • Validation
  • Model Improvement